Forum For IT Employees Demands To Continue Work From Home

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Pune, 1st August 2021: Many IT companies are gearing up to call employees back to the office. However, Forum For IT Employees (FITE), an association of employees working in the information technology (IT) sector, has demanded that the employees should be continued to work from home (WFH).

“Already they are delivering from home with no impact to the business. Also, most IT companies have posted the best results showing WFH has less impact on delivery”, states an online petition started by FITE.

The organisation has asked that at present less than 20% of people in the country have been vaccinated. Even after taking the vaccine, many positive cases are found and with a fear of a third wave still looming it would be a risk to disturb the WFH model.

“Bachelors have left flats and need to find places when they come back to cities. It’s going to be a challenge for them in terms of food, social distancing when they are back to work. Employees with families are worried about kids and old parents in case they have to travel to the office. Many have moved families back to hometown”, the petition states.

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