How Prp Therapy Is Effective In Hair Thinning And Hairfall

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Pune, 31 Janauary 2023: Hair thinning is a common symptom of any disease. The common causes of hair thinning are nutrition deficiency, stress, systemic disease or hormones. PRP therapy is an emerging therapy for hair thinning and hair loss. Here, I am compiling all frequently asked questions regarding PRP therapy.

What is PRP Hair treatment?

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. It is a method used for treating Hair Thinning, Hair loss and other hair-related problems. Weakened hair root cells are induced by growth factor, which is present in platelets. PRP treatment initiates natural hair growth & maintains it by increasing blood supply to the hair follicles & increases the thickness of hair.

How Is the PRP Therapy Process?

PRP therapy is a three steps Process

Step 1:- Your 15-20 ml blood is drawn.

Steps 2:- centrifuged for 20 minutes in the centrifugal machine and blood is separated into three layers.

Steps 3:- Scalp is cleaned with antiseptic solutions. Then, Platelet is injected into deep skin at hair roots by multiple pricks.

Who can take PRP Therapy?

PRP treatment initiates natural hair growth & maintains it by increasing blood supply to the hair follicles & increases the thickness of hair. Theoretically, it should be effective in all types of hair loss. But commonly, it is given in male and female patterned baldness after the hair transplant and alopecia areata.

How much pain or discomfort is felt during therapy?

It causes minimum pain, which is tolerable. We have a few innovative things to make it almost painless.

When can I expect hair growth?

Initially, you will see improvement in hair fall as you would be taking homoeopathic medicine orally along with PRP Therapy. The visible hair growth changes can be seen after three-four months.

What are the side effects of PRP therapy?

Since your blood is used in PRP so as such there are no severe side effects. Mild pain, sensitivity to that point and pinpoint bleeding are common.

What precautions should I take after PRP Therapy?

It’s an office-based procedure. The injections are given just in deep skin so there are no major complications. You can join the office in the next few hours.

Doc, what is your experience with PRP Therapy?

Well, there is indeed no ‘PERFECT MEDICINE’ for hair growth. So my purpose is to give combination therapies which have the best evidence in favour of hair growth. Like – monthly once PRP therapy+Homeopathic medicines. To date, medicines are on top of the list but PRP has shown a good effect when given in combination with medicines. I recommend PRP therapy in male and female patterned hair loss and after hair transplant. I found decent results with PRP therapy, although the result may vary from person to person. Still, I want to say that it’s a new therapy so a lot of research is to be done to establish its overall effect.

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