How to heal the Sacral Chakra with Reiki?

sacral chakra
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Prachi Deshpande

Pune, 5th January 2023: In my last article we learnt about the first major chakra and how to heal it with Reiki.

Today let us dive deep into Sacral Chakra which is the second major chakra. It is bright orange in colour and very vibrant. It is also known as Swadhisthaan Chakra in Sanskrit. It is located about 3 inches above the Root Chakra. The body parts governed by Sacral Chakra are the lower abdomen and lower back.

The areas of life that Sacral Chakra governs are childhood memories, creativity and how we think and feel about our bodies. When Sacral Chakra is unhealed, people start experiencing emotional block that stops them from getting creative ideas and also find it difficult to have creative solutions to any problems. They develop a tendency to overthink the good and bad things about their childhood. My observation with most of my clients is, they are either complaining about their childhood or they are nostalgic about it and both these things are extreme to the point where they completely lose touch with the present moment. People with unhealed Sacral Chakra also find it hard to feel good about their bodies. They take care of their diet, and exercise and sometimes they undergo cosmetic surgeries to look good but find it very difficult to like their body.

Reiki helps heal the Sacral Chakra and makes it possible for people to channelise their creativity in the best possible manner, make peace with their childhood memories and have a healthy body image.

After saying the prayer of gratitude, call upon Reiki energy and guide the energy to Sacral Chakra for about 2-3 minutes every day. You will start feeling a positive shift within a week.

That’s all for today. In the next article, we will learn about the third Chakra, that is, Solar Plexus Chakra and how to heal it to experience a flow state in personal and professional life. 

(About the Author: Prachi Deshpande is a renowned Reiki Master, Mathematician and Author from Pune. She is known to help CXOs, Entrepreneurs and Students with their transformation. She conducts Reiki classes online as well as in-person. She also provides Reiki healing through unique solutions like Reiki Music and Reiki paintings for homes and offices.

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