IDFC Mutual Fund’s New Website Focuses on Security & Ease of Transaction

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Pune, October 07, 2019: IDFC Mutual Fund announced the launch of its new website today,, with a major focus on security and ease of transaction. The new website provides a 2-factor authentication along with email and SMS alerts when you login to ensure heightened security. Additionally, investors will be able to transact with the least number of clicks with 1-click investing in existing funds in an investor’s portfolio. A recent survey by IDFC AMC had highlighted that 94% of mutual fund investors are concerned about the security aspect of the financial transaction and over 80% of mutual fund investors were looking for ease of use. Additionally, the survey also highlighted the need for mutual fund companies to improve end user experience by providing a mobile portal for investors to transact online.

Highlighting the need for mutual fund houses to evolve their customer interface, Mr. Vishal Kapoor, CEO, IDFC AMC pointed out that, “Savings in financial assets has crossed the 50% mark in India, with mutual funds emerging as the most efficient way to pool capital and channelize investments into productive use, creating a win-win for everyone. While advisors play a critical role in providing investors with the right guidance, investors are increasingly demanding flexibility, transactional convenience and immediate access to their information. Adapting to customer preferences and providing a simple, secure and quick user experience can help us better serve our growing investor base.”