India Likely To See 3rd Covid Wave, Preparation On To Deal With It: Central Government’s Chief Scientific Adviser

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New Delhi, 5th May 2021: Amidst the devastation of the second wave of corona infection in the country, the government is now gearing for the third wave and is preparing to fight back.

K Vijay Raghavan, the chief scientific adviser to the central government, has said that the third wave of corona will also come to the country. But do not know when it will come. He also said that the second wave of Corona would be so fierce and long, it was not predicted.

Raghavan said, “The virus is circulating in large quantities and the third wave will also come, but it is not clear when it will come and at what level. We have to prepare for the new waves.”

The scientific adviser also said that the strains of the virus are spreading like the first strains. They do not have the properties of a new type of infection.

He also said that vaccines are effective against existing variants. New variants will come in the country and in the world. He also said that a lack of caution after the end of a wave gives the virus a chance to spread again.

The central government has said that there are indications of a decline in corona cases in some states, but there are still more than 1 lakh active cases in 12 states. The Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Health said that the positive rate in 10 states of the country is more than 25 percent and more work needs to be done in these.

He also said that while the number of cases has increased by 2.4 percent as compared to the previous day, more patients have also died in many states. The Joint Secretary said in a press conference. There have been more deaths in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, and Haryana.

According to the Ministry of Health, in states like Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, In Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Rajasthan, and Bihar, the daily incidence of corona remain high. There is concern about some areas. In Bengaluru, about 1.49 lakh cases have come to light in the last week. 38 thousand cases have come to light in Chennai.