External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar Explains Why Covid Vaccine ad to be exported to India

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New Delhi, 5th May 2021: Given the rising number of corona cases in the country, the Government of India has reduced vaccine exports. Amid rising cases, the government came under pressure to reduce vaccine exports and the government took this decision. External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar explained why India had to export the corona vaccine.


Speaking in the Global Dialogue Series, S Jaishankar said that the situation of our vaccine production is different from many other countries. He explained on what basis Covishield is being made in India. This vaccine has been developed by Oxford University-AstraZeneca. This is a British-designed product and it is being produced in India.



He further said that it was really international cooperation. In this case, if someone gives you to make a vaccine in India, he gives it only on the basis of agreement. Therefore, it has an obligation to provide vaccines to many countries at a low cost.


He said that the mindset and understanding of those who are questioning the export of vaccines are small. If we stop exporting to other countries then how can we demand our need from them?


Speaking at a virtual event, Jaishankar said, “To question India’s export of vaccine is so short-sighted. Only non-serious, irresponsible people can make that argument. And there are some around, as you may have noticed.”