Indigo Plane With Cricketers On Board Fails To Take Off From Kanpur Due To Engine Malfunction

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Kanpur, 16th September 2022: An IndiGo flight going from Kanpur to Indore could not take off on Friday after reaching the runway as a technical fault was discovered. It is being said that the plane’s engine failed after reaching the runway. After this, all the passengers were taken off the plane. Cricketers who arrived in Kanpur to play the ongoing Road Safety World Series were also on board. The grounding of the plane on the runway also made it difficult for other aircraft to land. A plane arriving from Mumbai also kept circling in the air.




Reportedly, the chartered class plane was supposed to take off from Chakeri airport around 3 pm. After landing on the runway, the malfunction was identified. The engine was not working. Because of this, the plane could not take off.




The cricketers were to go to Indore by plane. As the plane was parked on the runway itself, IndiGo’s flight coming from Mumbai also landed at Chakeri airport after several hours. Indigo cancelled the flight to Mumbai and sent cricket players to Indore. Due to the sudden cancellation of the flight to Mumbai, the passengers going there created a ruckus. Indigo management was busy trying to pacify the passengers.