Injured Indian Giant Squirrel Released In Natural Habitat After Treatment

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Pune, 30th January 2023: A female Indian giant squirrel (Ratufa indica), the state animal of Maharashtra and one of the largest tree squirrels native to India, was rescued and released back to its natural habitat in Mahabaleshwar after receiving medical attention.

On January 29th, the squirrel was run over by a bike on its hind leg. The Mahabaleshwar Forest Department housed her for two days and because she was not walking, she transferred to RESQ Wildlife TTC in Pune, where she received immediate medical attention and treatment. This big girl has made a complete recovery, has been observed to be scurrying around her enclosure and climbing all heights up and down comfortably. She is now released back into her natural habitat.

The Indian Giant Squirrel, also known as the Malabar Giant Squirrel, is a species of tree squirrel found in the forests of India and is known for its distinctive large size and bright fur. With an average body length of 60 cm, including a long bushy tail, the Indian Giant Squirrel is an important species in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem.

“We are happy to report that the Indian Giant Squirrel is released to its natural habitat in Mahabaleshwar, where it will be able to continue playing its vital role in the ecosystem,” said a Tuhin Satarkar, Director- Wildlife Management at the RESQ Wildlife TTC, Pune.

RESQ Wildlife TTC is committed to rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife and ensuring their safe return to their natural habitats. The organization is grateful for the support of the Mahabaleshwar Forest Department in the swift rescue and immediate stabilisation which resulted in a fast recovery and release of the squirrel.