Maharashtra Government Sets Up Special Website For Queries By Citizens

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Mumbai, 21st November 2022: On a special website set up by officials to assist people in settling their property disputes, the state government’s tax officers have reacted to and provided answers to 5,000 questions from citizens on issues relating to land.


Numerous land-related questions from around the state are now answered each week by the website’s roughly 2500 officers, who are currently on board. Dr Vikas Naik, a senior Deputy Collector (Suburban Mumbai), is a veterinarian by training but is a tech-savvy official who has worked extensively in the Vidarbha and Marathwada regions. He built and developed the website


The Maharashtra Civil (Revenue) Services Organization, whose members register on the website and respond to inquiries, sponsors the website. The website’s Janpith tab is the most popular place for users to ask inquiries, while the Dnyan-Kendra part offers books, presentations, government resolutions (GRs), and laws and acts about real estate.


While many officers have registered, any authorised Revenue Department employee can respond to inquiries; nevertheless, some, like Kiran Panbude, Deputy Collector, who works in the Stamps Department, respond to inquiries from citizens the fastest.


Since the website is in Marathi, it is simple for users from common areas to access it and ask queries.