Maharashtra Health Department Issues Notification For Recruitment 8,500 Posts

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Mrunal Jadhav

Pune, January 23, 2021: The Maharashtra state health department has announced mega recruitment for 8500 posts. This advertisement is for 50 percent of the total 17,000 vacancies. The exams will be held on February 28 next month. Applications were invited from Mahaportal for this advertisement in February 2019. Candidates who were eligible at that time will now also be eligible for a new recruitment process.

Details of this recruitment are available on the website of the Department of Health. An important point of this advertisement of the health department was discussed in the last assembly elections.

For this exam applications were invited in February 2019 through Mahaportal. Therefore, now that the advertisement has been published, it is being said that those candidates do not need to re-apply. Candidates who were eligible for this recruitment in February 2019 will now also be eligible for this new advertisement.

The State Rural Development Department has about ten thousand posts in the health department and the health department has its own seven thousand posts with a total of seventeen thousand vacancies. The advertisement has now been published for 50 percent of the posts.

According to the advertisement, the Health Department said that in February the exam will be taken on only one day. The exam will be held on February 28, 2021. The government has clarified that SEBC candidates can take advantage of the economically weaker sections.

Since the General Administration Department has approved the recruitment process for 50% of the vacancies in the Health Service,