Maharashtra: MSEDCL Earns Rs 35,453 Crore In Last 8 Months, 76 Percent Electricity Consumers Paid Bills Online

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Mumbai, 30th December 2021: By providing digital services to its consumers through the latest technologies, Mahavitaran has received a great response in terms of cashless payments by its consumers. Currently, 76 percent of the payments received by consumers are through online mediums.

In the last eight months, a total of Rs 35,453 Crore (75.6 percent) electricity bills have been paid online very safely and conveniently. Taking the benefit of the digital services, 4 Thousand 636 Crore consumers paid their electricity bill in last November.

Mahavitaran has provided all types of digital services for all categories of consumers. The LT (Low Tension) Consumers can make use of the the website or the Mahavitaran mobile app, while the HT (High Tension) consumers can avail the services on the independent web portal. Therefore, in addition to paying electricity bills online every month, all consumer services are also available at a click for LT and HT consumers.

The Industrial, Commercial and Residential from the LT category can avail the facility of paying by NEFT or RTGS, if the payment is above Rs.10, 000. For this, Mahavitaran provides its bank details on the electricity bill above Rs.10, 000. The consumers having electricity bills below Rs.10, 000 can pay their bills on the Mahavitaran website or the Mahavitaran mobile app. It provides the facility of making bill payments, viewing the current or the past bills, receipts, also paying electricity bills of various consumers from one account etc. Last November, consumers paid Rs 1,637.06 Crore at a click.

RTGS and NEFT payment facility is available for HT consumers and in fact, it is mandatory for them. As a result, 20 thousand 874 HT consumers of Mahavitaran are paying 100 percent or about Rs. 3000 Crore electricity bills every month through RTGS or NEFT. During the last eight months between April to November, a total of 1, 62,341 HT consumers paid Rs 22,664 crore (100 percent) online. Therefore, the previous issues like cheque bounces for any reason; delay in cheque clearance or other such difficulties have been completely ruled out.


In the month of November, all the HT and LT consumers across all the zones have paid Rs 4,636 Crore (76 percent) online out of the total amount of electricity bills. In this, the electricity bill of Rs. 912.33 Crore (83 percent) has been paid in the Pune zone. After that, consumers of the Bhandup zone have paid Rs 890 Crore (86 percent) while in the Kalyan zone, consumers have paid Rs 583.17 crore (81 percent) online.

Of the remaining zones, 307.41 Crore (84.4 percent) in Aurangabad, Latur – 59.92 Crore (49.1 percent), Nanded – 44.86 Crore (47.8 percent) and Jalgaon-118.44 Crore (61.8 percent) , Konkan – 67.68 crore (67.4 per cent), Nashik – 340 crore (73.3 per cent), Akola – 50.40 Crore (46.3 percent), Amravati – 65.28 Crore (47. 9 percent), Chandrapur- 80.11 Crore (64.5 percent), Gondia- 48.33 Crore (62.8 percent), Nagpur- 323.57 Crore (69.4 percent), Baramati- 425.38 Crore (76.9 percent) and Rs 319 Crore (73.2 percent) in Kolhapur zone have paid their bill online by using digital medium.

If LT consumers pay their electricity bills online, they will be given a rebate of 0.25 percent on their monthly electricity bill within the limit of Rs.500 per month. Also, except credit card; online payment from any other option is free. Although the Coronavirus is currently under control, precaution is very much needed. There is a safe and convenient online service for LT consumers to pay their electricity bills at the click of a button. Mahavitaran appeals to all its consumers to take advantage of it.

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