Maharashtra: MTDC’s Responsible Tourism-A New Beginning

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Deepak Harane

MTDC, Pune Regional Manager

Pune, 20th January 2022: From Ashtavinayak To Pandharpur, Akkalkote, many religious places, fortified natural resources, forts, overflowing waterfalls, rivers, beaches, serpentine ghats, traditional culture, food culture are seen in Maharashtra.

Today, all over the world and in India, we see a remarkable concept that is Responsible Tourism!

Responsible tourism is a simple and commendable measure to increase the positive effects of tourism as well as to curb the negative effects, which is accepted in many places around the world today. The basic objective of the concept of responsible tourism is to create awareness among all to accept responsible tourism. In today’s competitive world, the tourism business is booming and tourism is booming. Unfortunately, tourism has the mentality of building a couple of well-equipped rooms in an empty space, providing food and drink to the tourists, which is the end of responsibility. And this mentality shows that he is a responsible person of the universe.

It is our primary duty to preserve, take care of, and not harm the mother earth which we inhabit, from which a responsible citizen is born. The concept of responsible tourism has become a necessity of the times.

Celebrating the 47th anniversary of Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation, the responsibility of responsible tourism should be fully implemented in all the tourist residences, restaurants, boat clubs as well as visiting centres etc., which are coming under the purview of the corporation from 20th January 2022. Such instructions have been given by Jayashree Bhoj, Managing Director of the Corporation for all staff and at tourist accommodation.

All the staff working in the tourist residences/restaurants of the corporation are from the vicinity of the tourist residences/restaurants and locals. By providing employment and proper training to local employees, MTDC supports their financial well-being and helps in improving the living standards of the local people.

Environmentally, it is our responsibility to manage and dispose of the waste in our area, and to separate the waste (wet and dry) generated in the kitchen. And it is disposed of in accordance with government guidelines by paying municipal employees who transport the waste in trucks. In the same vein, considering responsible tourism, your responsibility towards the environment should be strong. From time to time cleanliness campaigns, plastic pollution control, messages explaining the importance of cleanliness will be implemented in the tourist accommodation coming under your jurisdiction by becoming a responsible tourist accommodation manager in the tourist accommodation.

The first duty of the corporation is to take care of the tourists by providing excellent services to the tourists. Placing billboards in the tourist accommodation area, Do’s And Don’ts will be mentioned at the outset as an environmentalist when guests enter the tourist accommodation, accommodation, delicious food will not be defined as hospitality, it will be added as safe, responsible and sustainable tourism.

In this connection, the topic of responsible tourism will be decided each week. The concept of responsible tourism can be implemented in all the tourist residences, restaurants, boat clubs as well as tourist centres etc. of MPVIM by implementing the concept of responsible tourism in the tourist residences and taking a step towards development from the point of view of tourism.

Each week we will be explained in terms of responsible tourism about laundry, linen, air conditioning system, generators, various types of purchases as well as sustainable materials and much more.

Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation is operating 30 tourist residences, 29 restaurants and boat clubs. Considering the future, need and importance of responsible tourism, a responsible tourism project is being run on the land at Mahabaleshwar, a tourist destination coming under the jurisdiction of the corporation. The five values of No Preservatives, No Additives, No Colors, No Artificial Flavors, No Ajinomoto will be implemented in the tourist residences of the Corporation, MTDC’s DGM Chandrasekhar Jaiswal said.

Local delicious food will be promoted in the restaurants of the corporation and local delicacies such as pithale, usal, kala masala will be offered to the guests as the taste and uniqueness of the local cuisine will be enjoyed by the tourists.

Accordingly, these values will be implemented directly in every tourist accommodation with due consideration and in line with the concept of responsible hospitality for tourism, we will further enhance the reputation of MTDC in the minds of tourists.

Although the corporation has already taken steps towards responsible tourism, it also requires an invaluable contribution of tourists. An important task is going to be done by us to protect our mother earth. Similarly, if this concept is implemented, responsible tourism will not harm the environment as it is related to the environment and we will be able to carry out our responsibility towards the environment properly.