Pune AAP Alleges Rs 2.25 Crore Scam In E-Toilet Scheme 

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Pune, 11th May 2022: In 2018, 15 e-toilets of 21 seats were installed in Pune from Anil Shirole’s MP fund. It cost Rs 2.18 crore.

There is a dearth of women’s public toilets in Pune. It was then claimed that it would be of primary use to women. The toilet was said to be directly connected to the solid waste department via the Internet.


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Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) spokesperson Mukund Kirdat said, “Everyone knows that such a technically advanced facility is ineffective if not properly maintained. However, this toilet was installed. But half of these toilets were closed two years ago. Now the rest of the toilets are closed due to coin box malfunction, sensor malfunction or the scarcity of water.”


“A 12 square foot toilet is built at a cost of around Rs 18,000 and can be completed at a cost of Rs 25,000 to Rs 30,000. But this one-seat toilet was bought for more than Rs 10 lakh each. After four years, these toilets are completely useless. If it is to be continued, the majority of the money will go into the maintenance,” he added further.


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Because of the coin system, ordinary housewives are reluctant to use it. AAP activists like Satish Yadav and Shankar Thorat inspected some e-toilets today and found that the toilet doors are closed while garbage is dumped outside of the door, coin boxes broken and dirt accumulated.


Although the e-toilets did not get widely used during the Corona period, still this is the case.


Kirdat has said that the people’s Rs 2.25 lakhs have been wasted.


It is said that a meeting was held between the concerned company and the solid waste management department. The AAP has expressed the expectation that the municipal commissioner should reduce the cost of infrastructure and provide clean toilets to women.


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