Pune: Cardiac Kit Helps Reduce Death From Heart Attack Claims Dr Sunil Agarwal

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Pune, 29th November 2021: Om Hospital, situated at Bhosari, has launched a cardiac kit that reduces the risk of life in a heart attack.

Addressing a press conference today at Patrakar Bhavan, Dr Sunil Agarwal, Director of Om Hospital claimed that more than five thousand cardiac kits have been distributed free of cost so far for the people who belong to the economically weaker section of the society.

Elaborating further Dr Agarwal said that this kit will provide relief to the patient till reaching the hospital after a heart attack, which increases the chances of survival of the patient many times over.

He said that sometimes it happens that someone has a heart attack and lives are lost due to not being able to reach the hospital on time, a cardiac kit will act as a protective shield in the event of a sudden heart attack death, added Dr Agarwal.

This kit is helpful in keeping the patient safe till the time of arrival at the hospital as a physician. Therefore, it has become imperative for heart patients, hypertension and diabetes patients as well as everyone today to keep this kit with them at all times, as a heart attack can happen to anyone at any time, suggested Dr Agarwal while adding that if anyone takes pills from this kit after having a heart attack, they get breathing time till they reach the hospital. And his chances of survival are multiplied.

It has recently been launched in collaboration with the International Lions Club and the Om Medical Foundation. At this time the director of Om Hospital, Dr Sunil Agarwal and Dr Ashok Agarwal of Om Hospital shared their views.

Dr Sunil Agarwal is a Senior Cardiologist of Pune City, who is also awarded the Fellowship of American College of Cardiology.

Giving more information about this cardiac kit, he said, “Today we need to discuss why the risk of heart attack is increasing among the youth at the present time, and how important is the cardiac kit, and its help. How to reduce the risk of death. The cardiac kit is a kit that can greatly reduce the risk to the heart patient’s life. These kits are only available today at Om Hospital in Bhosari and advice that we should all keep it in our pockets at all times, he added.

Dr Ashok Agarwal said that at present, due to stress and work pressure, youngsters are also suffering from heart attacks. In addition, high intake of fast food, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, obesity and diabetes also increase the risk of a heart attack in people. Apart from this, people in India also have the problem of heart attack due to heredity. A healthy lifestyle is essential, he cautioned.

Problems like chest pain, high blood pressure, obesity are being not taken seriously by the youth and are ignored by them. However, by understanding these symptoms and treating them from the beginning, one can save oneself from a heart attack, he said.

Today, due to busy lifestyles and eating junk food, the number of heart patients is constantly increasing. In the last few days, many such cases have come to light, in which under-50 and healthy people have also fallen victim to a heart attack. Sometimes people do not even realize that they have had a heart attack and it is too late to find out.

Citing an example of Kannada actor Puneet Rajkumar and Siddharth Shukla’s heart attack has been similar. If you feel discomfort around or in the middle of the chest, it could be a sign of a heart attack. In addition, heaviness, contractions and pain, pain in the upper body such as arms, throat, abdomen and back can also be symptoms of a heart attack. Problems like not being able to breathe properly, or sudden excessive sweating, nausea, severe headache and vomiting can also be signs of a heart attack, added Dr Agarwal.

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