Pune: Congress Leader Dr. Zakir Sheikh Demands Action Against Illegal Electric Vehicle Charging

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Pune, 18th September 2023: Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee Secretary Dr. Haji Zakir Sheikh has demanded action against illegal electric vehicle (EV) charging operators, citing safety concerns.

In a statement, Sheikh said that the number of EVs is increasing rapidly in India, but careless charging practices are leading to accidents. He pointed out that people are charging EVs illegally in societies, at homes, and in office parking lots using extension cords and domestic meters. This can lead to overcharging and fires.

Sheikh also said that some people are charging their EVs overnight, which can also lead to battery overheating and accidents. He urged people to charge their EVs during the day instead.

Sheikh further said that the government is providing preferential EV charging power connections to applicants who set up charging stations in the state. However, many people are still charging their EVs illegally, which is causing revenue losses for the state electricity department.


Sheikh has demanded strict action against drivers who use electricity for vehicles without a license and society owners who allow illegal charging. He has also warned that the Congress party will launch agitations at every MSEDCL office in Maharashtra if proper action is not taken.

Tips for Safe EV Charging

Use a dedicated EV charger from a reputable manufacturer.
Do not use extension cords or multiple plug adapters.
Charge your EV in a well-ventilated area.
Avoid charging your EV overnight.
Inspect the charger regularly for signs of damage.
If you are using a public charger, be aware of your surroundings and take precautions against theft.
By following these tips, you can help to ensure the safety of yourself, your EV, and others.