Pune: Five-Year-Old Boy Tragically Drowns During Ganesh Immersion Procession

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Moshi, 29th September 2023: A devastating incident occurred during a Ganesh immersion procession in Moshi, Pune. A five-year-old boy, Arnav Ashish Patil, tragically lost his life after falling into a partially open water tank. The incident took place on Thursday evening while Arnav, accompanied by his parents, was attending the procession of Lord Ganesha.

During the festivities, Arnav stood on the lid of the water tank, unbeknownst to his parents who were engrossed in the event. After an hour of frantic searching, the family reviewed CCTV footage, which revealed Arnav standing on the tank’s lid. Tragically, the lid was partially open, leading to Arnav’s fall into the water and subsequent drowning.