Pune Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar Addresses Helmet Mandate, Rules Out Attempt To Murder Case Against Nikhil Wagle’s Attackers

Amitesh Kumar, Pune Police Commissioner
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Tikam Shekhawat & Mubarak Ansari
Pune, 16th February 2024: Amitesh Kumar, the Commissioner of Pune Police, underscored the importance of discipline within the force, particularly regarding the mandatory use of helmets by police officers. He stated that as members of a disciplinary force, officers are directed to wear helmets to uphold all laws and regulations, setting an example for the public.

Addressing the state of law and order in Pune City, Commissioner Kumar reported a significant reduction in the crime rate. He expressed satisfaction with the ongoing efforts to maintain law and order, emphasizing that the police force is actively taking measures against criminals. Commissioner Kumar highlighted that crime control is a paramount responsibility of the police, and concerted efforts are being made to ensure the safety of the city’s residents.

Turning his attention to the recent attack on senior journalist Nikhil Wagle, Commissioner Kumar asserted that proper instructions were given to Wagle regarding his statements. The police had requested the postponement of the event, providing a comprehensive understanding of the potential implications of the movement. However, Wagle and his team chose to proceed independently, disregarding police advice.

Commissioner Kumar affirmed that actions will be taken against those found to have committed wrongdoing during the incident. He confirmed the imposition of appropriate clauses on all individuals involved. Notably, in the ongoing investigation, no evidence has surfaced to suggest the imposition of section 307 (attempt to murder) anywhere, he clarified.

The Commissioner urged cooperation from the public and reiterated the commitment of the Pune Police to maintain a secure and orderly environment for all residents.