Pune Police Registered 45 Cases Against 5 Clubs In Kalyani Nagar For Various Violations But No License Cancelled Yet

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Sumit Singh

Kalyaninagar, 4th January 2024: In a series of recurring disturbances, Pune City Police have registered numerous cases against five prominent clubs in Kalyani Nagar, accumulating a staggering total of around 45 cases collectively.


Among these establishments, Ballr, the newest and largest club, has faced the law’s wrath, bearing the brunt of four Khatla cases within the past three months. These cases, occurring in October, two in November, and one in December 2023, all cite late-night operations breaching legal constraints.


Unicorn Club follows suit, facing one FIR under Section 188 of the IPC and a concerning count of 13 Khatla cases registered by Yerwada Police, primarily due to late-night operational violations spanning across 2022 and 2023.


Elrow Club tops the list with a worrying tally of 16 Khatla cases and three FIRs against them, involving issues like noise pollution and IPC Section 188 violations. In the last four months alone, eight cases have been lodged against Elrow for flouting late-night operation regulations.


Elephant and Company, while facing four Khatla cases, had a particularly severe instance where an FIR was filed due to loud music, leading to police confiscating music systems worth Rs 4 lakh. Additionally, within the last three months, two Khatla cases were registered against them.


House and Affairs Club faced legal repercussions with two FIRs and two Khatla cases. These cases involve offenses like Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act (COPTA Act) and IPC Section 188 violations.


The continuous violations prompted Pune Police to take action, sending letters to the PMC and Excise Department, urging the cancellation of these clubs’ licenses due to their persistent nuisance in Kalyani Nagar.


Earlier in August, Vimantal Police Station took action against six clubs, with the DCP Zone 4 office appealing to the Excise Department to revoke their licenses for late-night operations. However, the district collector demanded the cancellation request to come via the Police Commissioner, delaying the process for three months. Presently, the request has been re-sent to the Police Commissioner’s office to expedite the cancellation of licenses for these Viman Nagar clubs.


Furthermore, Zone 4 DCP has written to Police Commissioner Retesh Kumaarr to cancel the discotheque license previously granted by the former Police Commissioner to a club named Mafia in Viman Nagar, which was among the six clubs flagged for license cancellation.


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