Pune Police – SNDT college study find perversion major reason behind sexual harassment cases

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Sumit Singh

Pune, August 10, 2019: The analysis of the data about molestation cases filed in all 30 police stations of Pune City from January 2018 to November 2018, has revealed that perversion/morbidity is major reason behind sexual harassment of women, children.

This report is based on the secondary data of reports given by Pune City Police to SNDT Arts and Commerce College for Women, Karve Road, Pune, for analysis.  The report was prepared by Dr. Madhavi Kulkarni, Vice Principal, Dr. Madhura Joshi, HOD, Economics, Dr. Manasee Rajhans, HOD, Psychology and Mrs. Vasanti Joshi, HOD, Commerce.


Additional Commissioner of Police (crime) Ashok Morale, DCP (crime) Bachchan Singh were present  when the report was shared with media persons at Police Commissioner office on Friday. “Corrective measures will be taken based on the report”, Morale told reporters.

As per the report, out of 457 cases 358 were against women, while 99 were against minor girls. Also, 286 cases were due to enmity, 230 due to perversion/morbidity, and 19 cases due to inducement.

Description of cases identified as cases only of women’s molestation

This section narrates the quantitative and qualitative analysis of those cases that are filled only under Section 354 (outraging modesty of woman) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and are identified as cases without any inducement or previous dispute involved; therefore, can be categorised as cases of only women’s molestation (48 out of 457 cases). Nearly 3/4th of these cases are filed in the Court.

One woman police officer from each of the five police stations with maximum of such cases was selected for the Focus Group Discussion conducted for the qualitative analysis of these cases.

Findings and Conclusions

Based on the Quantitative Analysis

  1. Cases involving previous dispute(s) / rivalry: The proportion of the cases involving previous dispute(s) / rivalry is found to be 37.42%.
  2. Cases involving morbidity : 34.79% of the cases filed involve morbidity
  3. Cases involving enticement / inducement : Very few cases involve enticement / inducement ). The percentage of such cases is only 3.72%.
  4. Cases involving misuse of internet and technology: The percentage of cases involving misuse of internet and technology is 24.07%.
  5. Other Findings:

– More than half of the women’s molestation cases are happening in public places; and, nearly 1 out of 5 is happening at work place.

– The accused in half of the women’s molestation cases, both adult as well as minor victims, are from amongst the acquaintances.

These conclusions are based on the qualitative analysis of the cases discussed in the focus group with the selected in-charge police officers.

  1. The cases of women’s molestation happen more in slum areas and near educational institutions.
  2. The increased number of cases of women’s molestation is not directly related to “Me Too” movement.
  3. The major reasons behind increased number of women’s molestation cases in the age group between 12 and 25 are previous relationships, one-sided love, and infatuation.
  4. The number of cases of victims below age of 12 is alarming.
  5. A few cases of misuse of Section 354 do take place which have serious consequences.


  1. There is need of spreading the awareness about the Section 354 among the women from all the strata of the society.
  2. The implementation of the Section 354 shall be strengthened by speedy enforcement without unnecessary delays.
  3. The security and safety of women at public places shall be given priority.
  4. The education of interpersonal relationship at higher secondary school level shall be introduced.

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