Pune: Radhika Apte inaugurates India’s First Exclusive Solitaire Lounge

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Pune, 30th September 2022: Diamond lovers have always yearned for a more rewarding experience where they can carefully choose the best diamonds and solitaire jewellery in luxury and comfort. Unfortunately, servicing customers of solitaire jewellery has always been an afterthought in the jewellery retail industry. This is about to change with Divine Solitaires and Ranka Jewellers, who unveiled the Divine Lounge at its famous store in Chinchwad. It will be India’s first of its kind exclusive lounge for solitaire jewellery and an experience par excellence anywhere in the country.

Famous actor Radhika Apte inaugurated the Divine Lounge at Ranka Jewellers, Chinchwad and dedicated it to Punekars today in presence of Fateh Chand Ranka, MD, Ranka Jewellers, Tejpal Ranka, Director, Ranka Jewellers and Jignesh Mehta, Founder and MD, Divine Solitaire.

Speaking on the occasion, Radhika Apte said that she was excited to be coming to Pune to inaugurate the Divine Lounge and how this will be an entirely new experience for diamond lovers of the city.

“My first nose and ear piercing happened at Ranka Jewellers, Laxmi Road. I did not know much about diamonds and had never thought of buying diamonds before but after visiting the store I have developed interest in diamonds, which have an emotional value attached to them, unlike other jewellery.”

She said that as a customer, she would look for three things including quality, transparency and price and from where the diamond has been sourced from.

“People are always scared of buying diamonds, but at Divine Solitaire, the owners list its precision on their app and website, which induces faith in customers who would want to buy the jewellery,” she added.

Divine Lounge is a dedicated experience designed with desires of diamond buyers in mind. It offers the full range of Divine Solitaires jewellery including an exclusive range which is only available at Ranka Jewellers, Chinchwad. There is also a gallery of various collections based on contemporary themes and a dedicated section for designer jewellery for the more discerning customers. Also available will be the Diamond Coins which is going to trend this festive season. All this in an open and comfortable setting where you can browse in leisure and spend time and experience first-hand, the incredible Hearts & Arrows precision cut of Divine Solitaires diamonds and its other amazing features.

Speaking on the resale value of diamonds, Jignesh Mehta said, “People aspire to buy diamonds but they are always apprehensive especially when it comes to price and resale value. The resale value of diamonds is as good as gold and every month we revise the value of the diamonds in the market and its accuracy and authenticity can be checked through our website. There have been instances when the rates of the diamonds have doubled and people while selling have received better returns. There are 180 different jewellers across India where one can upgrade the diamond they have purchased and get the current value.”

According to Mehta, Divine Solitaires have engraved a special number on each diamond and though it can be tracked if lost or stolen or used on any other jewellery.

Tejpal Ranka said, “I always wanted to provide a one-of-a-kind experience to the customers who are interested in diamond jewellery, that’s why we have come up with this exclusive store in Chinchwad.”

Diamonds have always had a special place and are best to celebrate special occasions and milestones like engagements and anniversaries and mark a bond of love and trust. Divine Lounge will give the buyers the space and comfort to choose the best for their loved ones. And finally keeping with our history and heritage of being historically the only source of diamonds for many millennia, Divine Lounge offers a chance to view the exact replicas of famous diamonds of the world in person including the famous Koh-I-Noor diamond. Its wonders are something to be seen to believe.