Pune Railway Division Invests Rs 51.85 Crores in Expanding Platforms For Longer Trains

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Sumit Singh

Pune, 15 September 2023: Pune Railway Division’s latest project, the extension of platforms 2, 3, and 6, aims to accommodate the impressive lengths of modern coaches, signaling a significant stride in the city’s rail infrastructure. With an estimated cost of ₹51.85 Crores and a commendable 30% physical progress, this undertaking promises to revolutionize train mobility at Pune station.

Ambitious Scope of Works:

The scope of this grand project is nothing short of awe-inspiring. It encompasses the extension of platforms 2, 3, and 6 to accommodate the elongated 24-coach LHB and 26-coach ICF trains, catering to the evolving needs of travelers. To facilitate this, six double diamond switches of track are being meticulously removed, allowing for the seamless extension of these crucial platforms.

A strategic reconfiguration of the station’s layout is also underway. Platform No. 3 is being transformed into an UP Mainline, while Platform No. 4 will serve as a DN Mainline, optimizing the flow of train traffic. Additionally, the project includes the construction of two full-length goods train holding lines between Platforms No. 1 and 2, enhancing operational efficiency.

Notable Completed Works:

While the project is well underway, several noteworthy milestones have already been achieved. Line No. 6 has been extended into a new washing siding at the Mumbai end, providing essential facilities for train maintenance. Furthermore, Line No. 8 has been connected to the new washing siding at the Mumbai end, streamlining maintenance processes.

Trackwork has been a focal point of progress, with 300 meters of track length successfully laid, and 1 km of track length packing work completed, ensuring the stability and safety of railway operations. A remarkable 125 welding works of track have also been skillfully executed.

The electrification of the rail network is another crucial aspect of the project. The contract for Overhead Equipment (OHE) wire installation has been awarded, marking a significant step towards modernizing the railway’s power supply infrastructure.

Looking Ahead:

The project’s forward momentum is undeniable, with ongoing work to shift signaling data loggers and fuse alarms to create space in the relay room for new modifications.