Suryadatta Institute of Fashion Technology to showcase new style innovation in fashion at La Classe 2017 Runway Fashion Show  

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Fashion Shows have always been glamorous events which boost visibility and promotion of brands associated, providing a platform to creative designers to display their work and also gives an equal opportunity to models to showcase their talent on the ramp.

With this objective in mind, Suryadatta Institute of Fashion Technology (SIFT) is organizing the‘La Classe’ 7th Annual Runway Fashion Show on 16th December 2017 from 5.00 pm onwards at Bavdhan Campus, Pune.

The idea behind the fashion show is to give the students a complete experience under one roof, where they can customize beautiful creations based on the theme for the show. 2nd year, 3rd year and Diploma students of SIFT are putting together this grand event,

Their tagline, New Style Innovation, speaks about the three central themes of the fashion show – namely, Architecture, Bio-mimic and Synthesis.

· Architecture – four groups are working on different aspects of architecture, constructions and lines used in architecture. The students draw their inspiration from a unique blend of modern and vintage architecture, beautiful heritage structures, such as Moscow Church, Moroccan Architecture, Moon tower, Rajasthani windows, etc

· Bio-mimic – three groups are displaying nature through their designs. These groups are working on various concepts such as galaxy, the big bang and flowery creepers.

· Synthesis means the combination of two opposite components or elements to form a connected whole. Here students are developing outfits using two opposite elements such as fire-ice, nature-machinery and soft-hard.

100 students would be proudly showcasing 90 of their inspirational designs alongwith accessories and jewellery, to be adorned by 12 top fashion models, who will be walking the ramp in the stunning outfits.

This event will undoubtedly open vast opportunities for the young students aspiring to be designers.

Passes for the show are available for Rs.300 (bronze), 500 (silver), 700 (gold) & 1000 (platinum).

Suryadatta Institute of Fashion Technology (SIFT) provides students with newer options to discover more possibilities in their career through various courses.

Please contact for further details :

Bharti Kharshikar, Manager PR, Mob. 8378998125,

Swapnali Kulkarni, Faculty SIFT, Mob. 8956943824,

Mugdha Nikam, Faculty SIMCEM, 8378998124.

For Tickets contact :

Head Office -Mrs. Maya Kadam 020-24330435

PIAT – Mr Ajeet Shinde 020-24330425

Bavdhan- Kanchan 020-67901300