The Power of Meditation: Sant Tukaram Pyramid Meditation Center Marks One Year In Lohegaon Pune

Meditation centre in Lohegaon Pune
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Lohegaon, 27th August 2023: Meditation is not new to Indian people. Meditation is important in life to know yourself. Through meditation we connect with the cosmic energy, the thoughts in our mind become void. Brahmarshi Shashikant Joshi, Head OF PSSM Foundation, Pune Branch asserted that this Universal Energy makes the human body healthy.

The first anniversary of Sant Tukaram Pyramid Meditation Center was celebrated at Gurudwara Colony in Lohegaon, Pune. Senior Master Vijay Kumar, Pramod Kushwaha, MG More and others were present on this occasion. On this occasion, in-depth guidance was given on the subject of meditation in Hindi and Marathi language. Brahmarshi Joshi said that the body is a wonderful machine full of cosmic energy, it is constantly running with unwanted thoughts, by focusing on our breath the mind becomes void of thoughts and the cosmic energy fills that void, when our consciousness is connected to the cosmic energy, the experience is Anand Chinmayananda.

He further said that we are actually meditators from birth. During sleep we are meditating, at that time the inner consciousness leaves the body and wanders in the universe and comes back to the body. Due to this, when we wake up in the morning, our body is refreshed and the body is energized with new energy. He also said that we can do meditation anywhere, any time..!