Wagholi: Eco-warriors of Green Sunrise Hill stay committed to environment during lockdown

eco warriors of wagholi
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Anvita Srivastava

Pune, June 30, 2020: Even during lockdown and pandemic, the eco-warriors of Wagholi and nearby areas are part of Green Sunrise Hill group, Wagholi continued their efforts towards the environment. The volunteers continued their effort of watering the plant on hills in Wagholi during the peak of the summer season.

“We have started this initiative in 2016 to increase the green cover on the barren hills. In 2016, we started plantation of hills near Ivy estate in Wagholi and till now we have planted 10000+ plants of 50 + native varieties. Since the lockdown started in March this year which is the peak summer time when plants need most of the water. Therefore, throughout the lockdown, two to three volunteers from our group ensured to come and water the plants everyday. Now monsoon has started so things will not be that bad,” said Chandrakant Naktode, founder of Green Sunrise Hill and resident of Wagholi.

“During weekdays, two to three volunteers used to go to the hills following all precautions while during the weekend around 5 to 6 people used to go on hills. We are also planning for a plantation drive on July 5 but due to pandemic, only core members will go for the activity,” added Naktode

Surya Rana, another eco-warrior of this group said, “Lockdown started from March, exactly when the summer season starts. We have planted so many trees and doing it for years, it was essential to take care of them or else all our efforts will go in vain. We also took special permission from the police for the same whenever required.”

Highlighting more on the initiative, Naktode said, “When we started our initiative on this hill, we wanted to do it scientifically and therefore with the help of forest department and guidance of experts, we started the plantation. Our aim is not only to increase the green cover but also create an eco-system for birds and butterflies and therefore we are focusing on fruit and flowering native plants.”

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