West Bengal girl posts suicide note on Instagram, Maharashtra Cyber Cell saves her life  by prompt action

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Mumbai 24, 2020: Spl. IGP Maharashtra Cyber on receiving suicide information, took on an immediate task for searching such information online and managed to save a young girl’s life. The Maharashtra Cyber team monitoring social media platform on the current issues of Covid-19 pandemic was assigned this responsibility. The team came across an Instagram account of a girl, in which she had  posted her suicidal note.

Sensing the gravity of the post Spl IGP assigned this task to Maharashtra Cyber Intelligence and Analytic Cell to gather the details of the account holder. Within minutes through its investigation tools Maharashtra Cyber Intelligence and Analytic Cell gathered complete details of the girl, which revealed that she belonged to West Bengal, Barrackpore city. Hence Barrackpore cyber unit was informed about her details and her mobile number was send to PSI Satyajeet Mondal, Barrackpore cyber cell. In the short span of time Barrackpore cyber cell took necessary steps and saved the life of the girl at last minute.

Any further delay would have endangered the life of the girl. This rescue operation was possible only due to smart tools and team members involved in the investigation along with prompt and timely communication from Maharashtra Cyber officials to Barrackpore police.

Online safety : Maharashtra Cyber has worked beyond its PERIMETER to ensure the online safety of all its citizens. Maharashtra Cyber has been working in this COVID-19 pandemic situation round the clock by adopting PREVENTIVE measures and delivering BEST of the services to the society. In this pandemic situation, every life counts and this was indeed a great achievement by the cyber cell. Along with this, the cyber team has consistently been working to curb instances of fake news and hate speech. They’re also running operation Blackface and Cyber Safe women to ensure the safety of children and women.

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