Xiaomi Ready To Enter The Automobile Industry With Their New Electric Car

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16th November 2023: Xiaomi, the renowned Chinese mobile manufacturer, has unveiled the first image of its inaugural electric vehicle (EV) on the international stage, marking the company’s entry into the world of electric cars. Speculation surrounding Xiaomi’s venture into EVs had been circulating for the past two years, with initial reports hinting at an unveiling at an automotive show. However, concrete details remained undisclosed until Xiaomi recently released the first image.

The EV, named SU7, adopts a design language reminiscent of Tesla and Porsche, blending elements from both iconic brands. Scheduled for introduction in China, the SU7 will be available in three variants: SU7, SU7 Pro, and SU7 Max, portraying a 5-seater sedan with a metallic body. While specific details about the car remain limited, the available information suggests that more details will be disclosed soon.

The SU7 will offer two versions: one with a Lider version and another without. Featuring rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive technologies, the rear-wheel-drive variant will be powered by a single motor generating 295 bhp, while the all-wheel-drive version will produce a formidable 663 bhp, distributed between a 368 bhp front motor and a 295 bhp rear motor.

Multiple battery options are expected, likely equipped with a BYD battery pack. The SU7, owing to the battery weight, stands at 1,980 kg, reaching 2,205 kg for the top variant. The EV’s top speed ranges from 210 km/h for the base model to 265 km/h for the premium variant.

An intriguing addition to the SU7 is Xiaomi’s use of Electric’s Hyper OS, a new operating system for the vehicle. Xiaomi had previously introduced Hyper OS for its smartphones, hinting at potential communication capabilities between Xiaomi smartphones and vehicles equipped with Hyper OS. However, details regarding the Indian market launch are yet to be revealed.

Mass production for the Xiaomi SU7 is slated to commence in December 2023, with deliveries starting in February the following year. Despite testing at the BAIC Beijing factory, specific pricing information remains undisclosed, but reports suggest a premium pricing strategy for the Xiaomi EV.