Bhumitantra’s Farmer-Centric Approach Earns Spot in Cornell Maha60 Program

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Pune, 7th September 2023: Akshay Jadhav, a promising entrepreneur and the visionary behind Bhumitantra, has achieved a remarkable milestone by securing a spot in the prestigious Cornell Maha60 Accelerator Program.

This program, a collaborative effort between the Department of Industries, Government of Maharashtra, and Cornell University, aims to empower entrepreneurs with crucial business acumen while offering a platform to learn from globally renowned faculty.

The Cornell Maha60 Accelerator Program spans an entire year, focusing on nurturing a growth-centric mindset and equipping participants with the knowledge essential for success in the entrepreneurial realm.

About the Cornell Maha60 Accelerator Program: The Cornell Maha60 Accelerator Program is a collaborative initiative that brings together the Department of Industries, Government of Maharashtra, and Cornell University. Its primary objective is to equip entrepreneurs with vital business skills and foster a growth-oriented mindset, ultimately enriching the entrepreneurial landscape of Maharashtra.

About Bhumitantra: Bhumitantra Agribusiness is a discreet, data-driven Agri-tech organization committed to grassroots agribusiness. Founded in the small farming village of Sanbur in Patan Tehsil, Satara, Maharashtra, Bhumitantra has developed a unique and user-friendly app-based farm advisory system. This system empowers agricultural organizations and agribusinesses to offer precise advice that resonates with farmers. It also facilitates the management of farm supply chains and provides support to individual farmers and farmer groups, enabling the cultivation of high-value crops with appropriate technology, close monitoring, and timely extension services. Bhumitantra currently collaborates with over a hundred farmer producer companies in Satara and two thousand Tibetan farmers across eight different villages in five states. Their innovative work has garnered attention from Telangana University and the Madhya Pradesh Department of Agriculture, both expressing interest in collaborating with the Bhumi Tantra startup.