Forensic Lab Yet To Give Report Of Blood Test For Alcohol Content In Pune Porsche Crash Investigation: Pune Police

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Pune, 24th May 2024: The confirmation of whether the teenager involved in the fatal Porsche Taycan crash on May 19 was under the influence of alcohol will take additional time, according to an official from the forensic sciences laboratory (FSL). The crash resulted in the deaths of two software engineers who were on a motorcycle.


“The police usually send us samples after numbering them instead of mentioning the case details. This ensures that there is no tampering or manipulation of the samples or the test report,” said the FSL official, who requested anonymity.


Blood samples from the 17-year-old were collected on Sunday morning and sent to the lab the following day.


“We follow a standard chemical analysis process to examine blood samples and determine the level of intoxication per gram of blood,” the FSL official explained. “This process takes time because our reports are presented as evidence in court and must be foolproof. Our teams thoroughly examine the samples before preparing the report.”


Pune Police Commissioner Amitesh Kumar stated that a police team took two blood samples, numbered them separately, and sent them to the FSL. “This was to ensure there is no chance of manipulation. We have requested the FSL authorities to expedite the process and submit the report as soon as possible. Based on circumstances such as CCTV footage from the two pubs visited by the teenager before the accident, we have invoked the charge of drunk driving.”


Kumar also dismissed media reports claiming that the blood test results were negative. “We will submit the report to the court once we receive it from the FSL. We are also eager to obtain it quickly to expedite the case proceedings,” he said.