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By Saurav Chauhan

Those who are born-ready to have a debate, not to gain new perspectives but to prove or force their views on others are all proud theists. But are they all that sane? And the funny thing is the word ‘all’ in this sentence includes all, me, you and even those who do not believe in god. I accept the above argument seems confusing if not contradictory. But the meaning that I derive from the word theists is those who firmly believe in a belief because for me even god is a belief. So even atheists for me; are theists because they too strongly believe in the belief of no God.
Now, my problem is not with any religion or any belief. My problem is the hypocrisy that all of us wear on our skin. We are adamant on following the smallest of customs when any person outside our religion (or belief) talks about it but in real we don’t give any significance to those customs. In fact we all have customized our religions or beliefs as per our convenience.

Few often heard statements might make it clear:

1: Oh today is Tuesday; Sorry I don’t eat non-veg on Tuesday. (Like Bhagwan is sleeping on all other days!)

2: Sorry I can’t drink today, it’s Friday! (Like Allah is on holiday on other days and time!)

3: Atheist: Oh please, the intolerance of you religious people makes me sick, you all should be banned and that’s the only way society can benefit from you. (Isn’t asking to ban anything just because you don’t agree to it is also intolerance?)

And so on.
When we talk about religion or our beliefs, that very instant our over protective mother like senses gets activated and makes us blind to the possibilities if not realities surrounding these beliefs. Whenever I try to think with a neutral mind I reach to two strong possibilities for the emergence of religion, and yes I have no doubt that we human’s have created them all.

First possibility is; religion was made by intellects that have learnt the better ways to live life and hence preached about the same to bring order in the society. And those might be the initial attempts to make human’s out of the animal called Men. Those ideologies then were accepted by people and the preachers became living god. Now the problem here is that these customs, ideologies were made in a period, let’s call it X. But no one realised that with changing time the needs and ways will also be changed. hence what was a good way or custom to follow in period X might have no significance in period X + 100 years or may be X + 1000 years. Just like in judiciary system laws have to be continuously updated and upgraded to deal with the social or economical needs of changing times. For example if laws would not have been changed then hacking your online bank account and transferring money would not have been a crime because computer or internet was not even there when the initial laws were formed.

The second possibility is just like the monetary or banking system which is undoubtedly the master of most if not all of us; current time slaves. The religion was made by those who wanted to rule the world. They used the fear of god to make slave one and all. Like in 4th century the rulers and churches combined to spread Christianity which indirectly meant to accept them as the most powerful people. They started killing all those who are non believers or follow any other belief than Christianity. As resources suggest starting with the intolerant St. Augustine (died 430 AD) these killings went on for around 1000 years making Christianity world’s most violent religion in that time. But is now a peace loving religion (Do not laugh) and in past few centuries that vacant violent place has been taken up by Islam.

<<Note: I respect all religions and when I use these words Christianity or Islam I only mean the words but not all who follows it because I do understand that no religion can ever make me kill a person and also those who want to kill a person do not necessarily need religion as an excuse, they can have million others. >>

Now there could be millions of other interpretations or possibilities for million more minds but what my aim with this article is, to tickle that part of your brain which could see through that overprotective blindfold that we all wear and let our minds freely produce new thoughts and make new beliefs.

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( Saurav Chauhan is a Software Engineer with passion for writing.)