Khalistani separatist Amritpal Singh applies for UK citizenship, seeks safe exit from India

Amritpal Singh Punab
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New Delhi, 24th March 2023: According to top intelligence sources, Amritpal Singh, the leader of ‘Waris Punjab De’, has applied for UK citizenship on the grounds that his wife is a UK citizen. Singh is a fugitive Khalistani separatist who had been maligned by the Sikh community and wants a safe exit from India to Britain. His application is currently pending with the British authorities.

On March 18, police launched a major crackdown against him and members of his organization, but he managed to escape. The Punjab government has initiated a major crackdown against him after the attack on the Ajnala police station near Amritsar.

Officials allege that drug smugglers were helping Singh financially, while the ISI was providing him with arms, ammunition, and other logistics. Singh allegedly ran de-addiction centers, which were also used to store illegal weapons, and forced victims to depend on narcotics.

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