Pune: 15% Cut In Admission Fee For Class 11

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Pune, 1 September 2021: In a relief to many parents the Central Admission Process committee has decided to cut the 15% admission fee for class 11 at various aided and unaided city colleges. The notice regarding it has been displayed on the website.

The CAP has mentioned that the colleges must charge fees of 15% less for both offline and online classes. Due to the pandemic, the use of various facilities and amenities at the colleges have not been used by the students. Thus, the fee cut was suggested.

A parent Jayshree Deshpande had filed a writ petition at Supreme Court regarding it. While giving direction on the petition, SC had suggested a 15% fee cut. Accordingly, Maharashtra State School education minister Varsha Gaikwad has decided to implement a 15% fee cut for class 11 admission.

Deshpande said that the decision was welcomed. But she said that now the schools too should reduce the fees. “I wonder why despite government orders, the education department failed to give the guidelines for the schools”, Deshpande retorted.

It has been noticed that few of the aided colleges have been charging exorbitant fees. Thus, considering this for the first time, a fee structure for the colleges was declared.

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