Pune: Cases Of Vector-Borne Diseases On Rise In Pimpri Chinchwad, Municipal Corporation Releases Guidelines For Citizens To Follow

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Pimpri 20th Sept 2023: The city has seen a rise in vector-borne diseases like dengue, chikungunya and heat-related illnesses in the last few days. In light of this, the municipal corporation has urged citizens to take prompt action to prevent the spread of these diseases. The municipal corporation has issued guidelines to tackle these health concerns effectively.

Citizens are advised to seek immediate medical attention if they exhibit symptoms related to vector-borne diseases. Additionally, they are encouraged to take the following precautions within the next week:
– Ensure at least one-hour weekly cleaning of water containers at home to prevent mosquito breeding.
– Fix any water leakages in homes.
– Avoid leaving stagnant water around the house.
– Use mosquito repellent and nets for personal protection.
– Practice personal hygiene and maintain clean surroundings.
– Ensure proper disposal of unused or unnecessary items in and around the house.
– Mosquito nets and insecticide-treated bed nets can be used for personal protection.

The municipal corporation is focusing on enforcing these guidelines in various sectors, including industrial areas, construction sites, offices, households and commercial establishments. All establishments in the vicinity are expected to immediately address breeding sites of disease vectors. Non-compliance may lead to stringent actions by the municipal authorities, said officials.

To combat vector-borne diseases, a preventive action plan has been put in place, including the immediate demolition of breeding sites. The municipal corporation has initiated an awareness campaign aimed at residents and commercial establishments. It is essential for residents to cooperate with the authorities by conducting regular checks and taking preventive measures to avoid any outbreak.

Furthermore, rapid dengue testing kits are available at municipal clinics and health centers to facilitate prompt diagnosis. Citizens are urged to cooperate with municipal health officials for routine checks and inspections. Proper measures for prevention, like cleaning water containers and maintaining clean surroundings, are vital.

The municipal administration has taken note of the growing threat of vector-borne diseases such as dengue, chikungunya and heat-related illnesses within the jurisdiction. Stringent actions will be taken against locations found in violation of the guidelines, said officials.


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