Residents Petition Pune Cantonment MLA For Resolving Long-Standing Civic Issues Affecting Lane-G In Koregaon Park

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Camp, 20th March 2021: A petition requesting to resolve the long-standing civic issues faced by residents of Lane-G in Koregaon Park was handed over to Pune Cantonment MLA Sunil Kamble on Friday. The petition was handed over on behalf of the Lane-G residents by Mohalla Committee member Dhairyashil Vandekar in presence of the local corporators Mangalatai Mantri and Umesh Gaikwad. GV Krishna, Samir Roopani, D’souza and other residents were also present.

Vandekar while informing about the issues on Lane-G said that due to inadequate stormwater drainage system, the lane gets flooded in every monsoon, with water entering the societies and causing hardship to the residents. Also, diesel mixed rainwater flows on the roads from across the nearby railway tracks because of the locomotive shed, making the roads slippery and accident-prone with accidents happening due to two-wheelers skidding.

“Despite taking up the issue with Railways Pune DRM for a long time, instead of ensuring that the water does not flow from the tracks into Koregaon Park’s residential areas, Railways have been giving the standard reply that the oil and grease contents are within the permissible limits. Vandekar also pointed out that the old MSEDCL Distribution Boxes in this area required replacement and also their height needs to be raised to prevent water from entering them during the flooding”, he said.

Vandekar informed that the matter was pending with MSEDCL for a long time who have been citing financial constraints, which, with the assistance by the honourable MLA from his funds could be resolved.

He also demanded that the height barriers be immediately erected on both sides of Sadhu Vaswani Bridge to prevent plying of heavy vehicles which have been banned post the structural safety audit of the bridge. Given the heavy traffic and bottlenecks in this area, Vandekar underlined the urgent need for the construction of a new parallel bridge adjacent to Sadhu Vaswani Bridge with one-way traffic on both the bridges. MLA Sunil Kamble assured to look into these issues and do whatever was possible for resolving them.