Senses Electronics launches its latest Intelligent Interactive Panel- Senses IIP Easi Board Version 2.0 in the Indian Market

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July 1st 2019, Pune– Senses Electronics a pioneer in providing Interactive solutions for the Indian education industry launched its upgraded version of Senses Intelligent Interactive Panel called Senses IIP version 2.0 in the market for this financial year.

Continuing its commitment to provide seamless and interactive learning, Senses Electronics unveiled its new IIP Easi Board 2.0 Interactive smart panel offeringsome of the most preferred features safe for classrooms and schools. It is World’s thinnest bezel Interactive Panel with complete metal body with a screen precise enough to let an object as thin as 0.5 mm write on it. It has an endless canvas systems and gesture recognitionthat can effectively enhance class interaction and student participation.

The Senses IIP EB 2.0 is designed to help provide solutions to the dynamic learning processes and help build an interactive teaching learning environment. Not only is the design of IIP EB 2.0 zero radiation certified but also its energy saver design consumes only 120 watts of power per hour which is half of what a projector consumes, it also boasts of advanced solutions like Canvas Splitter, Page replay, Board in Board, Intelligent Session Saving, and a plethora of intelligent software features that are providing a cutting edge teaching solution in 700+ schools across 35+ cities PAN India. It’s an open windows and android based system to support any online and offline e-content. The hardware of the panel is designed as an integrated unit which has a display, inbuilt CPU, the touch interface and front firing and subwoofer speakers generating 45 Watts of audio output. Since its build over all commercial grade components, expected life is around 50,000 hour’s i.e. around 13 years.

With a strong after sales service team panning across the country Senses resolves queries or issues in 24-48 hours and system replacement if the issue isn’t resolved within this timeline.Senses enabled school teachers get unlimited free training sessions for up to 3 years.

Speaking on the launch Prashanth P, Chief Technology Officer, Senses Electronics stated, “There was a need to optimise the learning and teaching environment in classrooms for which we introduced Senses IIP Easi Board 2.0. The products seamlessdesign integrated with advanced AI driven features and software achieves an enhanced and fun learning experience. We see an upward trend in the demand for quality products which can understand the needs of the education industry in India and we are focused on providing thoseworld class products in India.”

“We have already installed 8000 units across India in around 700 schools and colleges capturing 70% of market share of Interactive panels in the Indian Education Industry. We are also investing considerable in the R&D of the products and are planning to launch a new manufacturing facility for additional capacitywith R&D Unit in Pune, Maharashtra” he further added.

Key Features of Senses IIP EB 2.0 includes

Voice Recognition- Recognizes more than 200+ voice commands and converts them into text, like dictation, draw shapes, open a tool or go to the menu, search in google, open files, etc.

Cloud Based Teaching- Save, download, and share the classroom sessions on internet cloud from anywhere using a common URL.

Multi-Finger Gesture Control- Draw, select, drag, rotate, and erase by using the 61 multi-point touch gesture control like palm erase, double click to change pen colour, long press, multi-finger swipe etc.

Auto Email- Senses Interactive Intelligent panel records the entire classroom session which can be instantly shared with the pre-configured email addresses.

Screen Recording- Teachers can record, save, replay, and share the entire lesson conducted on the smart digital screen with the audio and video files.

Endless Canvas/Pages- Write endlessly on the smart board without erasing. New pages are automatically created and old pages can be referred anytime during the session.

Multi-language Recognition- Senses Interactive Intelligent Panel supports multiple languages for education like English, Hindi, Urdu, Marathi, Malayalam, Gujarati, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, etc.

Text Recognition / Shape Recognition- Recognizes the text or shape written or drawn on the Canvas automatically and converts it into the most accurate and readable format.