These Rules Will Change From June 1, Google And YouTube Will Charge For These Services

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New Delhi, 28th May 2021: Two major changes will occur in the tech world from 1st June 2021, which can cause a tremendous blow to the users. This means that the users will have to pay for the free service of Google Photo. Also, people who earn from YouTube will be brought under the tax net. In such a situation, the social media platform users should know about the changes of YouTube and Google Photo in detail, to clear the air of confusion.

Google Photo storage will be charged: Google Photo will replace its free cloud storage facility with a paid subscription model from June 1, 2021. It has been named Google One. Currently, Google Photo comes with unlimited free storage. However, from June 1, 2021, customers will be offered only 15GB of free cloud storage from Google. If your storage is more than 15GB online, then you have to pay $ 1.99 (Rs 146) per month. It also has an annual subscription charge of $ 19.99 (about Rs. 1464).

Tax on YouTube video: Making money out of the videos put up on YouTube has become common. But from June, you may have to pay tax on Youtube earnings. However, Youtube’s US content creators will not be taxed but content creators from the rest of the world, including India, will have to pay tax on Youtube’s earnings. Nevertheless, you only have to pay taxes for the views you have received from American viewers.

This new tax policy of Youtube will commence in June 2021. This tax will also come under the purview of Indian Youtube Content Creators, who will have to pay a tax of 24% per month on what they earn off the social media site. YouTube content creators will have to disclose their earnings before May 31 under the new rule. In such a situation, Google will be taxed at 15% from Youtube content creators. At the same time, 24 percent tax will be charged from the people who use the site if they do not disclose their earnings till May 31.