Two persons arrested for misusing Pune Police travel pass

Pune police check people during lockdown.

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Pune, May 24, 2020: The misuse of digital pass of Pune police has been exposed. Gadchiroli police and Tamil Nadu police have arrested two persons in the case. This information was given by the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Crime Branch, Bachchan Singh of Pune city police.

Two websites, and, have been made available for the citizens to visit their hometowns in other districts of Maharashtra and other states. Meanwhile, Pune police had issued a pass to a citizen traveling to Gadchiroli. When the Gadchiroli police inspected the pass, it became clear that the person had modified the pass and traveled on another date. A case was then filed against him.

Meanwhile, a private bus driver had taken a digital pass from Pune police to take 30 people to Tamil Nadu between May 22 and 26. But he had already gone to Tamil Nadu on May 19. He showed the Pune police pass to the police, but as it was not valid and the driver was traveling without permission, the Tamil Nadu police took action against him.

“Some people have already got the travel pass by giving wrong Aadhaar number. Action has already been taken against 6 of them. Therefore, citizens should give correct information while filling up the online application”, said DCP Bachchan Singh.

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