Beyond Fines: Pune Traffic Police and PPCR Launch Holistic Traffic Improvement Plan

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Pune, 25th November 2023: A meeting was held on November 23rd between Pune Traffic Police and Pune Platform for Collaborative Response (PPCR) to foster collaboration to enhance the city’s traffic conditions. The focus was on developing a comprehensive citizen awareness campaign, leveraging data analysis, and advocating for policy changes, specifically addressing the issue of wrong side driving.

Key Challenges Identified:
1. 375 major junctions & signals in Pune: These require manual traffic police intervention.
2. 600 traffic policemen: Currently deployed on these signals.
3. Public awareness: There is a significant gap in understanding traffic rules and guidelines adherence.
4. Perception of fines: The public does not perceive e-challans seriously, leading to a backlog of 250 crores over the last 3 years.
5. Two-wheelers: With 32 lakh two-wheelers in the city, major contributors to rule breaking, wrong side driving, and signal jumping.
6. Accidental deaths: Two-wheelers and pedestrians contributed to approximately 92% of accidental deaths on Pune city roads last year.
7. Wrong side driving: One of the most dangerous traffic offenses, challenging to enforce through fines.
8. Lack of stringent rules: Crucial need for stricter regulations for issuing two-wheeler licenses.
9. Infrastructural issues: Major problems include lack of dedicated service roads, poor drainage, and narrow roads.

Key Way-Forward Approach Discussed:
1. Citizen Awareness Campaign:
– Unanimous agreement on a robust citizen awareness campaign.
– Utilizing social media, community outreach, and educational collaborations for dissemination.
– Creating engaging content highlighting the dangers and consequences of wrong side driving.

2. Data Analysis:
– Leveraging data-driven insights to understand traffic patterns and identify wrong side driving hotspots.
– PPCR to provide analytical support to identify trends and assess the impact of awareness initiatives.
– Regular data-sharing sessions to assess progress and adjust strategies.

3. Policy Improvements:
– Advocacy for policy changes to make wrong side driving a punishable offense.
– Pune Traffic Police and PPCR to lead efforts engaging with relevant stakeholders for amendments.
– Collaborative drafting of proposals for strengthening traffic regulations.

Action Items:
1. Data Sharing:
– Pune Traffic Police to provide specific data on all pending challans, including wrong side driving, to PPCR for analysis.
2. Time Penalty Implementation:
– Implementing time penalties on traffic rule breakers, signal jumpers, as a pilot in certain areas.
3. Citizen Awareness Plan:
– PPCR to assist in drafting a comprehensive citizen awareness plan, including content creation and distribution.
4. Workshops and Seminars:
– Jointly organizing workshops and seminars with schools and colleges to promote responsible driving behavior.
5. Policy Advocacy:
– Collaboratively pushing for stringent penalization for wrong side driving offenses.
6. Regular Follow-up:
– Scheduled follow-up meetings to monitor progress and address any challenges.