Centre Should Consult Farmers ASAP On The Three Farm Bills: Daya Singh, President All India Peace Mission

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Mrunal Jadhav

Pune, December 17, 2020: Thousands of farmers and various farmers’ organisations from different states have joined the protest against the three farm laws introduced by the central government; they demand to repeal the law. Farmers from Punjab and Haryana have been protesting at the Delhi border for over 20 days now. The agitation was followed by a ‘Bharat Bandh’ as well on December 8.

At a press conference, Daya Singh, National President of the All India Peace Mission demanded that the Center should step back and repeal these laws and bring in a new law in consultation with the farmers. Singh, along with former Prime Minister Chandrasekhar, had done a lot for the farmers of the Sikh community. He also played a key role in reaching an agreement with the government and the Sikhs during Operation Blue Star.

Singh said, “on September 20, 2020, the Central Government passed three laws related to the agriculture sector. Farmers have opposed those laws and this movement is for that reason. In fact, farmers in Punjab have been protesting since September, from the second day after the law was passed. However, in October, this movement took an aggressive form and now it has reached the border of the country’s capital. Therefore, the central government has taken serious note of this agitation and has started rounds of discussions.” He also stated that the issue should be resolved in consultation with the farmers as soon as possible otherwise the situation could get worse.