India’s George Floyd moment: Jodhpur Cop knees on the neck of man for not wearing a face mask

Jodhpur police put leg on neck of a man for not wearing mask
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Shikha Chaurasia

Pune, June 6, 2020: In Jodhpur, Rajasthan a cop was caught on camera kneeing on the neck of a man for not wearing a face mask and the video soon became viral. Many people in India are now comparing it with the George Floyd incident which happened in Minnesota, USA.

Among the Coronavirus outbreak, some states have made it mandatory to wear a face mask. On Thursday when the cops spotted Mukesh Kumar Prajapat (38) out on the streets of Chopasni Housing Board area without a mask they stopped him. However, the situation soon spiralled out of control when Prajapat allegedly started thrashing the constables who were trying to restrain him.

Jodhpur’s DCP Priti Chandra has stated that the policeman was just trying to stop him for not wearing a mask which is compulsory in the State to avoid the spreading of Coronavirus. The constables were waiting for a jeep to arrive from the police station but Prajapat started assaulting and threatening them. An FIR has been registered against him and he has been arrested.

The video which became viral on the internet shows Prajapat assaulting the cops aggressively and hence, the cops had to retaliate and while doing so a constable placed his knee on the neck of Prajapat for a few seconds.