Rohan Upasani appointed as the President of the Maharashtra Solar Manufacturers Association

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Pune, 30th June 2022: The annual general meeting of the Maharashtra Solar Manufacturers Association (MASMA) was recently held in Pune. Rohan Upasani was unanimously appointed as the President of the Maharashtra Solar Manufacturers Association. The new committee consists of Swapnil Bathe as Secretary, Amit Kulkarni as Social Secretary, Shashikant Wakade as Treasurer, and Sameer Gandhi, Atul Honole, Ashish Mule, Manisha Barbind, Narendra Pawar, and Jayesh Akole were appointed as new directors. Former president Rajesh Mutha handed over the charge to Rohan Upasani. Mutha gave an overview of the work done during his presidency. Former president of the organization Sushil Pungalia, Suhas Ghotikar, Mangal Akole, Sanjay Deshmukh, Sanjay Kulkarni, and Pradeep Kulkarni were present on this occasion.

Rohan Upasani, the newly elected president of MASMA, said that the new executive’s goal is to make the motto “Only Business Nothing Else” a success. After the lockdown, efforts are being made to change the policies required to grow the solar business as much as possible. We are introducing a new concept called “Solar Tender Cell” to improve the economic situation. Many tenders are issued by the government and the general members are not aware of it. Therefore, the participation is less. The entire process will be done properly through this tender cell. Having skilled manpower can save time and money. One can achieve the targets in time. Therefore, the concept of “Surya Mitra” will be implemented and through it we will overcome unemployment. For this, we plan to go to different educational institutions and conduct a one-year workshop to reduce unemployment and increase skilled manpower. Upasani informed that the new executive is focused on increasing transparency in the organization.